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“Media has two important things to do. One is to keep the facts in front of the people. Another is to give them a hope.”
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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The Founder of Art Of Living & SSCMS

The Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies (SSCMS) is one of India's leading media schools offering an integrated Post Graduate Diploma in Print, Broadcast & New Media. The school's curriculum is aimed at providing them not only with all-round journalistic skills but also a clear understanding of the evolving media models and ensuring a positive outlook towards journalism.
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The students of Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies (SSCMS) have acheived remarkable feats in the field of journalism and media-writing. Their articles reflecting the concerns of the common man facing the day-to-day hurdles of city life have been published in leading newspapers and dailies.
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18th Oct 2010
11st Dec 2010
Beatriz, a well known foreign journalist and correspondent spent her priceless time with the students , sharing her experiences...
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Dateline Bangalore’s (referred to as DB henceforth) primary purpose is to serve as a means for students of SSCMS to create a hands-on authentic product while learning fundamental journalism skills like reporting, writing, editing, layout and design, DTP, Sales and Budget Management, Photography, advertisement and Public Relations.
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  Convocation 2012

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